the diamond age 5 07 2015 viktoriia managarova

November 2 , 2018

Centre Malesherbes de l’Université Paris- Sorbonne, (Sorbonne Université )
Paris . France


Oral presentation of the first world paradigm
 by Viktoriia Managarova After-metamodernism


Speaker: Viktoriia Managarova.

The 6th International Conference of Modern Approach in Humanities

The organizers: MAHCONF


108 boulevard Malesherbes
75017 Paris 17ème arrondissement



16.05.2018 Viktoriia Managarova presented the author's lecture for three conditions
(THE DIAMOND AGE) for students of the specialty "Philosophy"
(BA.MA) and "Culturology" (BA.MA) of the Yurii Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University.
The lecture was also listened to and participated in the discussion by Doctor of Philosophy,
Associate Professor Olga Ruptash, Assistant of the Department of Philosophy Mirutenko Lesya,
Candidate of Philosophy, Assistant of the Department of Philosophy Tkachova Julia,
Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Culturology,
Religious Studies and Theology Gutkovskaya Irina.


Fragmentary Metanarrative ( The Diamond Age ) 21.08. 2016 Viktoriia Managarova
according J. Lyotard ( metamodernism ( Robin van den Akker, Timotheus Vermeulen)
aftermetamodernism ( Viktoriia Managarova )   since 5.07.2015