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Виктория Манагарова , Берлин. 22 февраля 2011


' PSYCHOART ' -intellectual picture characterizing a birth
of new man of 21 century. They bouth have  one boby and one soul.
She don't understand the cruel word around her,
but the men had never seen it- only feeling her .
His eyes are close and he is filling her mind with
the ignorance of the world cruelty.She will calm down
soon and she will not know pains and shocks.
This is love and harmony in our cruel word.
The picture PSYCHOART teaches not to understand the
cruelty of the world and it teaches to be not in pain together.




*картина Виктории Манагаровой для обложки ее первой книги Боголюди.Сотворение мира в период Армагеддон


I am a professional journalist from 2007
But foremost I am  poet and philosopher
I have my  conception since my childhood : There is
only good in the world and I from little up had a dream - to
change this world to the best.
I thought that I am single in my aspiration to do this world kind
I cried, when looked at that, how buildings collapse and as wars are conducted
and I thought that I am unable  to help people to trust that this world can be
wonderful in the real love.
but in 2007 I met my friends which thought
similarly positively first, as well as I and trusted that this world can be changed to the best
and my friends filled with me a new faith that people which I named vividly angels live in this world
I began to write my new verses in which told to the people,
that we, generation of angels, able together to fill with the world good
and in 2008 I heard the term of indigo first
and I with large interest began to study the phenomenon of children of indigo
but to information was on this occasion strong little and I decided to prosecute
my own inquiries on this occasion
In a that period I was written down in artistic school, because I a long ago dreamed
to learn to draw butter
I dreamed to draw in classic style how drew Leonardo , for example.
And my first picture I began to draw thinking that I want to draw the queen
of dark ages
I did not know, what paints it is needed to draw by what colors - me my teacher did not yet teach it
I came in a shop and saw there a paint under the name an indigo and I purchased it here,
even yet not knowing on a that moment, that it has a dark blue color darkly
However much it was me, what color this paint- I wanted to draw to it, because it carried such
name which was associated for me subconsciously with people -by angels in which I trusted
from childhood
And I chosen a few paints, which, as me it seemed to, were consonant on a that moment with the color of indigo
I came home and at once began to draw a queen, not understanding why it must be on a dark blue background
I drew a large white wig it and two angels on shoulders, symbolizing by itself two goods.
But a queen for me did not turn out on a canvas
I once or twice painted out its wig both in a dark blue or in white color until
I was not captured by a new idea, true:
I unexpectedly suddenly saw in my picture of woman-indigo (young mother which teaches the followers)
new 21 age, bearing in this world absolute good
on a space dark blue background with two angels on shoulders
I thought then, that it of genius truly and that my picture and
philosophy will invert this world upside down toward good.
This was 2008 year, I was 23 years ago
So my unique philosophy gave birth :
Two goods and there is not a fight of good against an evil

I understood soon, that indigo - it not always is an angel and I wanted to create my unique son of
God which will not be in this world be single and crucified
I wanted, that my son of God was happy in his love on earth and sky with his favourite daughter of God
how it was till the first people sinned in to paradise
And I did them in my works one whole - by one existence of God on sky and on earth in to paradise
And I thought of the new global name for my creation : People of God . Creation of the world in the period
of Armageddon ( Боголюди.Сотворение мира в период Армагеддон )
And for period 2008-2009 years I drew 8 pictures from this series, three from which I find truly of genius
( picture of Indigo in that)
I do not plan to sell my works, because they for me are truly sainted
I dream to rotin them to the whole world and to compliment with to the world my philosophy
In my plans to sell my first picture of indigo only, if I will feel a need herein
In 2009 I by chance knew about creation of Damien Hirst
I shocked, since saw his works
They were also painted in the color of indigo and they carried such destroying character!
I shocked, that his works are acknowledged not justly, in my opinion, by the dearest works
in the world of modern artistic art.
Evil and death can not be in this world by a dominant
And my creation - obvious to that proof
And creation of Damien Hirst, in my opinion, played a final point on this business.
Works do not can to be so dear, as for this artist, if they are carried out yet and in such plenty
of the same type stamps of destroying consciousness people. It is not veritable creation!
Creation can not destroy!
My picture of indigo - it is absolutely phenomenal linen, analogues which were not and it is 
not in the whole world for all periods of his development
To date I estimate my picture of indigo in a 1 milliard of euro
( in case that there will be such necessity for me to sell it and if this man which
will want to purchase my picture will prove to me -
why it needs him and if I will understand that I want to sell my first work exactly to this multimillionaire )
I am convinced, that in 2012 my works and my philosophy will be maximally claimed by people
And I want simply to compliment with to the people a new faith in happiness in love, since this their faith was
blasted in an invented period Armageddon on earth
I do not plan to multiply my works in great numbers
I am sure, then people will be able to understand me, as an artist, and as a philosopher even
if they will see only a few my works
In 24 years I thought of my author unique determination to the children of indigo
I named indigo - psychoart
Psychoart - grown man child of indigo, able to manage not only the consciousness but also subconsciousness
It is a man of new generation, which is able to manage the animal instincts and to restrain them
It is a man which main the mission on earth service to good sees and able to hold the bursts of the anger
under control
I plan the followings the works from series psychoart to do more earthly and more real and to do their commercial
And they will be carried out quite in other colors and estimated not so highly, as an indigo
But they the same will carry in this world good and to prove to the people, that  they can independently do
the life filling creation in blessing Viktoriia Managarova 24.01.2010



Первая картина-чудо ИНДИГО,написанная стихийно и

спонтанно в 2008 году 23-летней Викторией Манагаровой.


Виктория Манагарова 2008


Невидимые Боголюди Виктории Манагаровой,

написанные серией  не для продажи. в 2008-2009 годах.

Виктория Манагарова 2009

Ты давай небо будешь держать, чтобы оно не упало-
давай ты поможешь мне планет ряд создавать
вновь из их прежнего вида в галактике сада
Давай ты будешь меня любить всегда во веке
будучи со мной во мне одним с Богом целым
Давай ты никогда рушится во веке не будешь
в нашей первосозданной единожды любви,
в нашем макрокосме Вселенского масштаба
Творцом созданного Планетарного здания
В нашей системе чувствуй ритм сердца моего
- оно тебя научит правильно дышать-
легкие мои в твоих губах расстворяются
словами искренними беззвучными фразами
видимыми только в твоих ищущих с моими
притяжения немеркнущего глазах...
сияния во веке солнца искор жизни разносимых
брызг плодимых на земле и небе в нашем
слитном унисоне счастья планетарного!

Виктория Манагарова 18.12.09


Ты это я
и мы с тобой - одно целое
Ты это плоть моя, моя душа
Ты во мне я мое расстворимое
Мы вместе с тобой - я
Мы вместе с тобой неделимое целое
одного человека во мне- нашего Бога Духа
во веке нетленного
Он есть Я
Он есть ты во мне - Душа моя

Вика Манагарова 2.08.2009